• Statement of Philosophy

    The Board of Directors, faculty, patrons of the school and the students contributed to the formation of our philosophy.  We feel that it represents each participating member of our community.

    TUNICA ACADEMY is an educational facility existing for those students whose parents are willing to sacrifice to send their children to a private school.

    At TUNICA ACADEMY, we strive to produce the necessary environment to help each individual develop intellectually, physically, morally and spiritually.  Since these factors are closely related, we believe they are essential for a well-rounded person.

    Recognizing that the development of the curriculum is the responsibility of the administration, with the advice of the Board of Directors, faculty, concerned parents, and students, our belief is that this curriculum should reflect our philosophy and standards.  A curriculum has been developed that challenges students seeking quality education in both mind and body.  It is constantly analyzed and modified to enable the individual students to function efficiently in a changing society.  To deal with individual differences, we must offer as much variety as possible in a curriculum that employs various techniques, methods and materials, with extra-curricular activities playing an important role in the program.  We believe that competent, cooperative, well-trained teachers with sensitivity to the problems, attitudes, and feelings of the students are necessary to carry out a successful school program.

    Our greatest hope for each child is to instill the ideas of democracy, fair play, and respect for an obligation to uphold the laws of our country and to support those in authority who enforce those laws, respect for the rights of others, the practice of self-discipline, and care and pride in the preservation of community property.  We are convinced that these ideals are most effectively formulated by a cooperative effort of the church, home, and school.

    We believe TUNICA ACADEMY has the responsibility of providing the best educational facility and environment possible within its means.  The student has the responsibility of working, cooperating and participating.

    It is our sincere desire at TUNICA ACADEMY to provide each student with a quality education that will promote optimum growth and development so that each child might completely function in his particular role in a democratic society.