Blink! Blink!...and then it is September!

How time flies when you are having fun and reaching goals! Our teachers and students are having fun problem solving, researching, investigating, hypothesizing, creating, and collaborating to learn and master new skills.  We are enjoying this adventure and hope you are hearing about these at home.

We hope all of you will join us for our very special celebration of 50 Years of TA Football on Septmember 21! We would like for all of our TA families to come and enjoy this night together.  

Be sure to check out our web page regurlarly for event dates and teacher web sites.  We also post daily announcements.

It is also in my plans to use group emails this year as another means of communicating. If you have not joined our TA Elementary Remind, please do so by entering 81010 and text @tapare on your cell phone.  If you have older children, you will also want to join 81010 and text @tunicaa

Thank you so much for all you do! Visit us! Volunteer! And Be Involved!!!

For the children,

Dr. Barton